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The Monument to the Unknown Martyr stands in memory to all who were lost in the Armenian Genocide.  In 1930, Rev. M.G. Papazian brought the remains of an Unknown Martyr from Der El-Zor Desert, where hundreds of thousands of Armenians perished during the Genocide.  These remains are buried at Ararat Cemetery.  Ararat Armenian Cemetery is the only location in the United States where remains of Genocide victim are buried. 

In 1968, Paul C. Manoogian donated the monument that stands in memory of the Unknown Martyr and all Armenians killed in the Genocide of 1915-1918. 

Each year, Ararat Armenian Cemetery hosts Hokehankist (Requiem) services at the Monument to the Unknown Martyr to remember the victims of the Armenian Genocide. 

The Monument to the Unknown Martyr is located in Ararat Armenian Cemetery, near the flagpole.

Monument to the Unknown Martyr

Monument to the Unknown Martyr